12 hidden features of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messengers in the world. More and more tools and opportunities appear in it regularly, but not all of them are well known. Here’s a list of 12 WhatsApp features you might not have known about.

Format your text
You can add variety to your WhatsApp messages by making your messages bold, italicized, or strikethrough. To do this, just put a couple of characters before and after the text:

* bold *;
_ italic_;
~ strikethrough ~.
Send disappearing messages
This feature deletes messages after a while, helping to protect valuable information. Here’s how to turn it on.

Tap the name of the chat contact.
Select the “Messages” option.
Activate the “Temporary messages” function.
Add messages to “Favorites”
To prevent an important message from getting lost, you can add it to Favorites. To do this, hold your finger on it, and then click on the star.

Find out the time of reading the message
To find out when a recipient has read a message, tap and slide your finger to the left. This data can also be found in the menu marked with three dots in the Data section. In both cases, you will see at what time the message was sent, received and read.

Disable autoloading media
Photos and videos sent to WhatsApp often clog up the phone’s memory. Fortunately, automatic downloads can be turned off. Go to Settings and select Chats. In this section, turn off the “Media Visibility” option.

Hide the time of your last visit
WhatsApp offers the ability to hide information about when you last logged into the app. To do this, open “Settings” and select “Account”. Then go to “Privacy” and turn off “Was (s)”. You can also keep this option enabled for multiple contacts. For security reasons, it’s best to show the last visit time to at least one user.

Mark correspondence as “unread”
This feature reminds you to answer the other person. Just tap on a chat and hold for a couple of seconds, and then select the “Mark as unread” option.

Find out your favorite contact
This tool lets you know which contacts you interact with the most, as well as manage your internal storage. To do this, go to “Settings”, select “Data and storage” and “Storage management”.

Listen to audio before sending
This trick makes it possible to listen to a voice message before sending it. Start recording audio, and when you want to end it, exit the application while holding the record button. When you return to the correspondence, you will find that the message has been preserved. Now you can listen to it, send it or delete it.

Personalize notifications
This option allows you to set up personalized ringtones for individual contacts. Just go to the chat with the right person and click on his name. Open the section “Customized notifications” and select the desired ringtone.

Customize custom backgrounds
This feature allows you to set a background for each chat. These can be both images and themes for dark and light modes. To do this, simply go to “Settings” and then select “Chats”. In the “Wallpapers” section you will find all the available images.

Join beta testing
Beta testers are among the first to get the opportunity to try new features of the application. To join them, follow the link and follow the instructions provided.