Durov: owners of Telegram bonds will not receive rights to manage the messenger

Pavel Durov, in the telegram chat Durov’s Chat, in response to users’ concerns, explained that the messenger’s investors would not be able to influence his policy.

“Owning bonds does not imply any significant leverage, nor does“ friendship ”with someone who owns the bonds. Telegram bonds are a form of debt that any investor can now buy on the secondary market: none of these investors gets any rights to manage Telegram or influence its policies, ”the entrepreneur explained.

This is exactly what makes a bond issue different from a sale of shares, when investors can get voting shares or, for example, seats on the board of directors, Durov added, noting that his company managed to raise funds “without sacrificing its independent nature.”

Bonds of the messenger with a par value of $ 1,000 appeared on the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange since March 26, earlier Telegram placed its own bonds for the first time and raised $ 1 billion on the market.