How to delete a contact from Telegram

One of the main advantages of the popular messenger Telegram and free rm3 register is its intuitive interface, which makes using it easy and simple. The wide functionality, full confidentiality of information – these are not all the advantages of the service, whose popularity is growing day by day all over the world.

Users usually do not have any problems with adding a contact to Telegram, but the question of how to delete a contact from Telegram, and why deleted contacts appear in Telegram, is very relevant. This will be the topic of our conversation today.

How to delete a contact from Telegram: Consider in detail the deletion procedure for different devices
Given the fact that the messenger today is used both on Android smartphones, and on devices running iOs, and it is also used from personal computers and laptops, in detail we will describe the removal of Telegram contacts from the list on the phone that runs on Android, describe the removal procedure on an iPhone and on a PC.

Delete forever contacts in Telegram from the Android device
To delete a contact from a phone running on Android, you need to do the following:

open contacts;
choose the one you want to delete (if there are a lot of contacts, and it is problematic to find the desired one, you can use the search bar);
click on the icon in the form of three dots and select the item called “Delete contact”;
messenger will ask you if the contact is definitely to be deleted; answer positively.
It is noteworthy that after deleting a contact, the user will see the name indicated by the person in his profile, whereas previously this contact was signed as indicated by the owner of the device at the time of addition.

Important: When a contact is deleted, it is not only deleted from Telegram, it is also deleted from the phonebook!

Answering the question about how to quickly delete old contacts that are no longer needed, we note that it is more convenient to go to the map of a particular contact from an open dialog. What should you do? Find the correspondence with the desired interlocutor, and from there open the contact card and do everything that we described in detail above.

Deleting contacts in Telegram from iPhone
Answering the question about how to delete contacts in Telegram from a phone running on iOS, we note that it is not difficult at all, the main thing is to follow the algorithm below:

launch the messenger;
on the bottom panel find the picture of the man, as a rule, it is located in the lower left corner;
Find the user, contact with whom you want to delete (this can be done manually or via the search box);
click on the specified user to open a dialog box;
click on the username (it is located at the top);
wait for the submenu to open and select the “Details” option;
the smartphone displays the information about the person;
in the top right corner locate the “Change” button;
In the window that will open, find the “Delete” button;
click on it, and when the application asks you if you want to delete it, answer in the affirmative;
Click the “Done” button.

That will be all, contacts with Telegram are deleted, and the history of correspondence with the user will remain, but you can also delete it, if you want, by performing a number of simple actions:

click on the “Chats” caption;
find the dialog you need;
Swipe to the left and wait for the trashcan icon to appear;
select how you want to delete the history – only in yourself or in both users;
confirm the operation.
Deleting unwanted contacts from the desktop version of Telegram
Many people use the messenger from a personal computer and also wonder how to delete contact from Telegram on PC. Now we will try to answer it.

The order of action:

launch messenger;
open the window in which the dialogs are displayed;
select the desired dialog;
Click on the part of the name of your interlocutor that is on the right;
wait for the inscription “Delete” to appear;
confirm the action.

Important: At some point while performing these manipulations the “Lock” option will appear on the screen. You should not confuse it with deletion – after activating this button, the user will be blacklisted and will never be able to write to the person in messenger again.

How to delete a contact from the group in Telegram?
Often, when the subscribers of a particular Telegram group behave incorrectly, and it becomes necessary to delete them. To do this, you need to do the following steps:

open the conversation window and click on the line that displays the name of the group and its logo;
A list of contacts will open, in which you must select the desired name. Then a submenu with buttons “Delete” or “Exclude” will appear;
select the desired action and confirm it, and then click on the “Done” button.