Purchase of advertising in Telegram

This method implies that you are being promoted by another channel about badava rascal movie download, but already unilaterally and for money.

Both large and small channels can place ads on other channels for a fee. And for those, and for others it is effective. From one placement, you can get plus 50-5000 subscriptions.

Here are the main points.

In the service, you select the channels of the desired subject.
Look at their metrics there. You can initially filter by the number of subscribers, the level of involvement, the number of post views, mentions and other parameters.
Pay special attention to the channels for placement:
With a small volume, but high involvement – there is a really target audience, they should be chosen for promotion;
With a sharp jump in the number of subscriptions – most likely, the base in them is wound up, as a rule, the service blocks them;
Which recently updated the name and description. If the topic has changed, the current audience in the channel is non-target – after all, it was collected under the previous topic.
Choose channels that match your desired metrics and cost per subscriber that you can afford – that is, how much you’ll pay per user acquisition. Usually this figure starts from 8 rubles and ends at 30. If more, it’s expensive.
Start from how many subscribers you need and how much budget you can allocate for Telegram promotion. Divide your budget by your desired number of new subscribers to get your recommended subscription price.
Contact the channel administrators and agree on the placement of an advertising post.