Seasonality in online advertising

Seasonality in online advertising and the resulting fluctuations in demand for it require the creation of a strategy for conducting advertising campaigns about caldo de pollo xxx.

Targeted and contextual advertising work on the principle of an auction. For its effective work, the accumulated quality indicators are important: impressions and transitions. Ads with a good CTR (Click Through to Impression Ratio) start to appear more often to the audience, and the price for them can be lowered. Therefore, you always need to make several, and sometimes several dozen ads for different audience segments, with different text and visuals. And see which ads perform better. If you launch your ad right before the start of the season, you won’t have a time lag to set up and analyze the campaign. You will have to “bomb” the target audience on a par with the same late competitors and pay more for it. Time in this case will cost you dearly. From this follows the first rule – remember about the seasonality of the launch of advertising and start it in advance, a week or two before the start of the season. In addition, it makes sense to set aside time for finding a contractor, negotiating, and making payments. Position: “I need yesterday” will work against you.

In advertising practice, there are a large number of tools, using which you get a greater effect from advertising. For example, remarketing, aka retargeting. This is showing ads to users who were previously interested in your products. To connect it, you must first collect a database of such clients. Therefore, on an ongoing basis, it makes sense to do SMM promotion, advertising, collecting a base of poten

tial customers, working with unwanted reviews and other activities that work for you. Hence the second rule – prepare for the season all the time.

If in the off season your main tasks are upselling leftovers, collecting a customer base, working with loyalty, image advertising, then by the beginning of the season it is worth switching to a more aggressive policy of conducting an advertising campaign. Allocate your annual budgets consciously and remember the third rule – get stronger in the season.

Consider seasonal factors in your strategy and media plan to achieve the best result.