Telegram added the ability to change the design of chats

Telegram has a new option that will allow you to set separate color themes for specific private chats with tango premium videos.

In addition, the messenger added interactive emoji, access to the list of those who read your message in the group, as well as the ability to record a video stream in broadcasts and video chats.

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How to change the chat background and the color of messages in Telegram
To change the background of the chat and the color of messages in Telegram, open the desired dialogue and click on the name of the interlocutor.

The chat page will open, click “More” here. In the menu that appears, select “Change Colors”.

Next, select the theme you like and click “Apply”. Currently there are 8 themes available, more design options will be available in the future.

The selected theme is installed for both chat participants at once, it will be displayed on all devices. Your interlocutor will see the topic if he has an up-to-date version of Telegram installed.

Each theme has a day and night version. They will switch according to the night mode settings for the entire application – both when manually switching to the night version, and when automatically changing the theme depending on the time of day.

Interactive Emoji: Clicking on some animated emoji will now launch additional full screen effects. An animated version is available for 🎆 🎉 🎈 👍 💩 or ❤️ sent in separate messages.

Small group who read a message: Messages in a group are marked “Read” (✓✓) as soon as at least one member reads them. Now in small groups you can see which of the participants read the message you sent.

Recording broadcasts and video chats: you can record both video with sound and just sound. For video, recording in vertical and horizontal formats is supported. The finished recording is saved in the Favorites chat.

Administrators can enable recording in the broadcast or video chat settings menu (icon ⋮ on Android, ⋯ on iOS). If a chat is being recorded, it will be marked with a red dot next to its name.